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San Pedro wedding and engagements photographer

Joe was an absolute pleasure to work with, from our initial meeting with him, to the engagement photo session where he helped to make us feel at ease in front of the camera, to finding the uniqueness of the San Pedro surroundings and turning such sights into the eye-catching backgrounds of our special day. To merely say that he did an incredible job of scripting a beautiful story through photographs of our wedding would be a serious understatement. He did more than we could have ever imagined. From the pre-ceremony rituals and nerves, the magnificence and splendor of the wedding ceremony, and both the fun times and the tearful tributes that filled our wedding reception, his photographs, even though still, convey such life and meaning within them. He clearly captured the essence of who we are and have told our special story through the most remarkable pictures. He has a gift, and we can’t thank him enough for giving to us a lifetime of memories to look back on forever and for always. Our highest recommendation for him. ~Chris &Jennifer

Location: San Pedro, California.

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