Fine Art Black And White Photography of San Clemente Pier
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Fine Art Black And White Photography of San Clemente Pier

I actually shot this image because I needed to fill a large wall space in my new home. I had done some family portraits at the San Clemente pier and knew that with the right weather and clouds this would be a spectacular location to shoot some fine art images. I really love the architecture of the pier pilings and my only difficulty was in choosing whether to finish this image as a black and white or color photograph. In the end both options were spectacular. I shot this image on a tripod and used a HDR technique (High Dynamic Range) to bring out all the details in the clouds and underneath the pier. I like the out of focus rocks in the foreground as it leads you down into the water and also the motion created in the waves by using a combination of multiple long exposure images. Photographed at the San Clemente pier 615 Avenida Victoria, San Clemente, CA 92672 using a Nikon D4

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